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Hi & welcome to an old time gaming arcade favorite
But this time with a twist.

It is Pacman on the streets of Katherine, Northern Territory

If you played the old Pacmans, just download & hop into it.

The Object is to use your arrow keys to collect all the coins on the streets of the Katherine CBD & collect a few bonus points along the way. By running over the "stars" the "monsters" turn to blue "scared monsters" & you can obtain bonus points by going head to head with them. But this will only last for 20 seconds before they change back, so be careful. You only have 3 lives & there are 3 levels in the game (I can't get to the last one to test it)

You can safely download a zipped (or unzipped) file of this game from these icons here Katherine Pacman
(70 downloads during launch in August07)

zipped (2.5mb)

exe file (3.46mb)

I created the game so there is no spyware or other nasties etc
Zipped means it has been shrunk to download faster & then you just "unzip" when it arrives.

Darwin Pacman
Faster paced
city life game in the Darwin CBD

exe file (3.73mb)


The streets of Katherine CBD
From Second St, First st Katherine Tce & Railway Tce, O'Shea Tce to Lindsay St
and a few car parks inbetween


Imagine this type of game with your logo appearing,
 or your shop as a part of the game with your wares popping up.
Or your business layout?

The nice corporate "stress relief" gift for your clients
that you can email?

If you enjoy it, tell others where to find it !

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