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If you would like to display a Katherine Region image on the Katherine Start page

I'm now on satellite broadband in mid 2008, so just email the photo as it is
(I used to need it resized to save my download speed on the phone line)

No real rules except no people shots (or anyone readily identifiable)( I don't like too many rules)
Looking for more of that nice photo that depicts the Katherine Region & beyond (no Berrimah line)
or something topical. (Just try me)

Don't expect too much from me (whoever I am), but I play fair
& if inundated with images will endeavour to give equal air time.
If I don't get any, you are stuck with my photos. (which can be like re-runs of "I Love Lucy")
I will have the right to redisplay images again at a later date if required.

Anyone who has been following this page over the last few years will know that
I try to change images every 2ish days (depending if I'm in town & have dragged myself
out to take new photos) (So anything submitted that saves me from cruising the
countryside is welcome.)

The images will depict the photographer's name (if you want).
I know you are all out there as you sent me many images during the flood 2006.
This site is all about keeping Katherine people & expats informed.

RIVER PHOTOS OF THE BRIDGE....... when in flood..
I need a time to give an accurate "official" measurement as the number on the bridge does not always correspond to the actual official recording and I do not wish to give people any incorrect info.

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